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Signs Your Home Needs A Water Softener

If you’re concerned about the water quality in your house but aren’t sure a water softener is the best solution, you’re right to question whether it is. Water softeners don’t solve every problem; they can only solve specific problems. To help our customers and other homeowners, our Jacksonville water treatment specialists have put together a little information below. We want everyone to enjoy good water quality in their house. Here are a few signs that may mean your home needs a water softener and a little information about what you can do to make sure.


Even if you’re on a municipal water supply system and you know there are many steps taken to make sure the freshwater leading to your home is clean and safe to consume, the quality of what pours out of the faucet could still be lacking. Old galvanized steel pipes, for example, could be depositing extra minerals in the water because of corrosion or limescale buildup inside the pipes. If you’ve noticed some of the following signs, you may need a water softener to solve the problem:

  • There’s a white haze or coating on your glass dishes.
  • There are white or blue-tinted scale deposits on the shower heads, tub, or faucet spouts.
  • There’s haze or hard-to-remove film on the shower glass.
  • Your skin and hair are dry, flaky, and dull.
  • Your white clothes turn yellow, or the colors fade after washing.
  • You see some white or gray matter floating in a glass of water.
  • Your tub, sink, or toilet is hard to clean.


Hard water problems are frustrating to live with, so you may eventually be forced to deal with the issues if they’ve been going on long enough. It’s best to get to the bottom of the problem now and solve it before you wind up needing expensive plumbing repairs. Water softeners can solve the hard water problem, but as mentioned, it may not be the right solution. For instance, you’ll need a water filtration or purification system to remove chlorine and sulfur smells, bacteria, iron rust, and other problems. It’s best to get a water quality test from your local water treatment specialist so that you’ll know what course of action you need to take for your home. The test will tell you for sure whether a water softener is the best solution for your home or if there are other problems you will need to address instead.