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Do I Need To Get A Certified Lab Water Test

There are several circumstances in which a certified lab water test is recommended by our water treatment company. For instance, Lawtey homeowners who are buying new houses and business owners who are required to provide safe water samples often request water testing services from an experienced water treatment company. Integrity Water Treatment can test for up to 220 water contaminants, and this broad range ensures that contaminants in your water are detected so that the water can be treated effectively.


Generally, FHA/VA-backed lending agencies require water tests for lead, nitrate, nitrite, standard coliform, and E. coli to complete their loans, but some agencies require tests for only standard coliform. If you’re applying for a loan and your Lawtey home is supplied by a well, make sure to check with your agency several weeks before closing to learn which tests are required. Agencies often notify homeowners merely days prior to closings, a situation that places undue stress on homeowners. Unless an officiating agency has requested a certified water test, you aren’t required to perform this level of testing. However, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and your local water treatment company encourage all private well owners to get their wells tested on an annual basis. The most common sources of contaminants are landfills, old gas stations, chemical plants, and manufacturing plants. If you live on or near a potential source of contamination, having an annual water inspection is essential.


By getting a certified lab test with a nominal fee, you receive an unbiased third-party report regarding the quality and safety of the water that you use for home or agricultural operations. If your water is determined to be unsafe by certified water testing procedures, schedule water treatment services with a reputable Lawtey water treatment company like Integrity Water Treatment to remove or reduce the contaminants in your water to an acceptable and safe level.