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Can A Water Softener Cause Low Water Pressure


Have you noticed a gradual loss of water pressure in your home or contacted JEA to find out if there is a problem with the pipes leading to your Orange Park neighborhood? Our water treatment company receives a lot of calls from homeowners who experience water pressure loss in city water. High-quality water softeners can prevent the hassle that this problem can cause. Reaching out to JEA for answers is a good idea because the utility company will dispatch one of its energy auditors to determine if the company’s water meter or your plumbing system is faulty. The energy auditors are knowledgeable resources, and they will locate the problem quickly. If a plumber is necessary, a plumbing company will be contacted to assist in the troubleshooting of your water distribution system. If the energy auditors and plumbers determine that the water pressure loss is caused by the supply lines in your Orange Park home, they will ask you if you use a water softener, which could have created the complication. A filter media replacement should resolve the problem. The filter media is the resin material within a water softener that removes the hard water as it passes through. A cheap resin might last only 3 to 5 years, an average resin can last 8 to 10 years under most conditions, and a superior resin can last 10 to 15 years. Cheap resins are also more likely to break down than high-quality resins because they cannot withstand chlorine exposure. Over time, the chlorine will shear off the hard plastic beads and turn them into a soft mush. This soft mush collects at the bottom of the tank and blocks the flow of water into your home, resulting in low water pressure. If a leak develops in the softener distribution system, the mushy substance will be forced into the water lines, obstructing the flow of water completely. This complication can be resolved by bypassing the softener, running your bathtubs, and removing the aerators from your faucets to flush the water lines.


A great, reliable water softener system installed by an experienced water treatment company is a must for homes with hard water in Orange Park and the surrounding areas. The advantages that water softeners provide are worth the small inconvenience of replacing the filter media occasionally to improve water pressure. If you require the assistance of an Orange Park water treatment company, contact the qualified team at Integrity Water Treatment to make sure that your filter media is replaced properly. Our water treatment company is available to repair or service your water softener system whenever you need us.